Affiliation No : 430236

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 : Near Lions Hall, Gadapura
Vadodara - 390007

 : +91-265-2333232

The Logo


The D R Amin Memorial School logo uses a form of the banyan tree which is apt as we are in the banyan city of Vadodara. Moreover, it is said that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment sitting underneath a banyan tree, also referred to as the wish-fulfilling divine tree.

The curved lines creating the tree radiate in various directions depicting students as individuals with different backgrounds all coming together under the banyan tree’s shade. It also conveys the merging of various ideas and constant interaction between the school and its students, which helps the process of education.

The combination of colours: pale green and pale orange convey earthiness, and reflects the school and the management’s long standing commitment to offer value based and affordable education to its students.